Here we introduce the Hair Transplant procedures from Hair Max, Ludhiana at most affordable prices. The cost of  Body Hair Transplantation Cost varies upon different factors including type of procedure, no of grafts. Our experts are always with you to counsel upon the hair transplant techniques and which suits you better.

Before considering the cost factor, you must understand that the quality of hair transplant and naturally looking hair with good density is more important. Team Hair Max has done more than 3400 Hair Transplant procedures in most comfortable and result oriented way possible for our clients around the globe.

Body Hair Transplantation Cost

We also offers Body hair transplant in which grafts from body parts like beard, chest, arm pit and even from pubic area is taken to complete the density at bald area. The cost of grafts from body hair is more than the grafts taken from back of head. Compare our cost of FUE Hair Transplant in other countries and some metro cities of India; we are best being even at low cost.

NO. of Grafts Male Female Body
4000-5000+ ₹ 30/- ₹ 35/- N/A
3000-4000 ₹ 35/- ₹ 40/- N/A
2000-3000 ₹ 40/- ₹ 45/- ₹ 60/-
1000-2000 ₹ 45/- ₹ 50/- ₹ 70/-
500-1000 ₹ 50/- ₹ 55/- ₹ 80/-
Less than 500 ₹ 55/- ₹ 60/- ₹ 90/-