HairMax Success Stories: Real Users Experiencing Real Results

Real Users Experiencing Real Results - that's the bottom line. We know that's what you're interested in, so we want you to see for yourself the exciting benefits realized by some of our past users. Does laser treatment work for hairloss? Do hair loss treatments work for both men and women with hair loss problems?

Click the Before & After Photos icon above to see pictures of what you can expect during the course of treatment with the Hairmax.

If pictures aren't enough, you can also view video of past media coverage of the HairMax. These segments are taken direct fromTV news and talk shows which independently tested the HairMax hair loss laser treatments and experienced first hand its efficacy and ease of use.

Finally, listen to voice testimonials from real users who have called just to say how excited they are about the change in their hair, the change in their lives, or both! These testimonials answer the questions many of you may have: Does laser treatment work for hairloss? Absolutely it does, and the HairMax LaserComb has been proven in clinical studies to work for over 90& of users. New clinical studies on our proven hair loss laser treatments are in progress to prove the results for women with hair loss, and will be released shortly.

Over 90% of those using the HairMax** will experience benefits including decreased hair fallout, increased hair growth and re-growth as well as a general improvement of the hair's condition. Other subjective user benefits include a faster rate of hair growth, a return of natural color and increased shine, bounce and manageability.

These before and after materials have been compiled over the 7 years the HairMax has been on the market and include both men and women. Some of the photos have been sent directly from users, while others come from our prior clinical trials. These before and after materials show that laser therapy does work for hairloss in both men and women with hair loss struggles.

Regardless of the source, the results  for our hair loss laser treatments are consistent and more than significant. See (and hear) for yourself why the HairMax might be your light at the end of the tunnel in the fight against hair loss.

Customer Satisfaction is of Primary Importance
  • Clinically Proven to Promote Hair Growth*
  • Greater than 90% User Satisfaction Reported
  • Patented and Manufactured in the USA
  • ISO Quality Assured
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